GoLive! Mobile creates, markets, and monetizes its own content and serves as an application-service provider for third party content from content providers that want to charge for their content through Premium SMS or other third-party billing solutions. The content we create and offer on behalf of third parties includes apps, mobile websites, websites, text services, and more.

While many of these websites are free to access, we also leverage our relationships with cell carriers to offer premium access to various websites and services. These services can often be accessed from your phone’s mobile browser or from the web. In addition, many services offer an additional component where subscribers maintain a top-notch user experience through SMS, push notifications, email, and more.

For more information about which campaigns are powered by GoLive! Mobile and are confirmed to ensure both quality and compliance, please review premium websites and marketing pages for the GoLive! seal of approval ("Powered by GoLive! Mobile")