Insta!Connect can be used for a variety of functions, including sending and receiving SMS and WAP messages, managing multimedia content, checking account balances, performing LNP queries and address checks, performing web-based subscriber opt-ins, and much more.

Insta!Connect can be divided into three families of web services:

  • Gateway Services: enabling cross-carrier, 2-way messaging and billing.
  • Multimedia Services: enabling remote access to Orbit Multimedia, our mobile CMS.
  • Administrative Services: enabling administrative functions and informational queries

Insta!Connect clients are also provided with access to a web-based control panel from which a variety of critical account-related functions can be performed. Such functions include, amongst others:

  • Traffic Reports: Real-time inbound & outbound messaging statistics.
  • Finance Center: Real-time balance information, credit purchasing, and outpayments.
  • Account Settings: Reset your password, change your IP address settings, pause/resume, etc.
  • Support Center: 24x7 Chat Based Support and Trouble Ticket Escalations.

Our clients have created hundreds of unique applications with our Insta!Connect API’s, including Microsoft Outlook Add-ins, Social Networking Applications, Custom SMS Trivia Applications, Tele-Locator Services, MLS Database Integration, and much more!

Call us today to combine your creativity and software design skills with our robust, 2-way mobile gateway API’s!